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5 ways to increase your female CEO Talent Pipeline

Inspired by a conversation with Susan Metcalf, CEO of Chief Executive Women “It will take 65 years or until 2086 before women make up 40% of line roles in executive
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How to develop good judgement as an Executive and why this is so important

What I learned from talking with Meahan Callaghan “Good judgement is a bit like personal values, you don’t know what is missing until it is not there. The quality of
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Pod featured on Pod Buffet

Akimbo, the infamous online education school set up by Seth Godin, teaches many courses, including one on podcasting. Every year hundreds of aspiring podcasters from around the globe partake in
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Size matters!

Design is the key to leadership team effectiveness, speed and agility. What I learned from talking with Ruth Wageman. “Can you come and chat? I’ve got some great people on
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Ambition – Your Friend or Foe?

What I learned from speaking with Nicolai Tillisch on The Leadership Diet “I am very happy to be in this role and I enjoy the challenge and reward it provides.
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Don’t assume your new CEO will be successful. Insure it.

What I learned from talking with Dr. Ty Wiggins “My reputation grows with every failure”, said George Bernard Shaw.  That’s great George, but what kind of reputation was it? One
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