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Top Team Coaching

Our Management Consulting business is called The Leadership Context. We are a boutique firm that specialises in Top Team development, ‘C’ level Leader Development and fostering organisational Cuture Change to high performance and beyond. 

Why develop leadership teams?

Effective teams enable businesses to thrive, not just survive. The role of the leader is to ensure their teams are able to work creatively and productively together. When economic, environmental or other systemic forces place pressure on organisational, team and individual performance there is an enhanced need for leaders to find more robust ways to work together.

Leadership Team Development

Up to 50% of the variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team.

This is quite extraordinary – that one group of individuals can have such enormous impact on the organisation. The organisation’s top team casts a very long shadow. There is a tension between ‘fighting fires’, dealing with the loud, immediate short term issues that are demanding of resources and attention versus investing in the achievement of the longer term goals that enable strategic success.



Our Approach

Leadership Teams are a crucible for how organisation performance and culture is created and sustained.

The Top Team (executive team) is the most important team in the organisation as it sets the limits of what’s possible. Research suggests that up to 50% variance in organisational performance can be attributed to the top team.

Our TEAM DEVELOPMENT approach based on over ninety collective years of international experience, enables the leadership team to focus on six interdependent key focus areas that build exceptional performance and a culture aligned to their purpose and values

  • Understanding and working within the Systemic Context the team finds itself.

  • Pro actively designing the team and setting the team leader up for success.

  • Alignment and Planning (WHY, WHAT & How) – the team does what it does.
  • Optimised Process and Dynamics  – How the team organises to achieve it.

  • Engagement & Trust (I /WE) – What the team will cultivate and learn together.

  • Effectiveness and Outputs  – Achievement of desired outcomes through collective leadership.

Team Development Framework

Click on the diagram below to view an expanded version.

Case Studies

Helping a team move from good to great (or even average to good!) is a hit and miss affair.

Most consultants and leadership teams do not measure their intentions or outcomes. Which explains why the success rates are often hit and miss.

Our clients have achieved over 88% of their objectives. That is a sustained average of results over a fifteen-year period. We are proud of that outcome.

Read more about our approach and why we achieve such great results here.