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Leaders, particular executive-level leaders, rise and fall on their ability to have good judgement, whatever that is! Yet, most leaders never learn how to develop this situational level skill.

I am joined by Meahan Callaghan, CHRO for RedBubble. She is one of the most experienced CHRO/ HRD’s (Chief People Officer) in the technology sector globally having led the people function in three different technology unicorns.

We discuss:

  • the importance of HR professionals to get some line experience in order to fully understand the implications of implementing HR policies,
  • Why leading a call centre is one of the fastest ways to realise the clashes between commercial realities and people aspirations,
  • What is judgement?
    Classic mistakes aspiring leaders make when learning how to utilise good judgement,
  • Why is the notion of ‘good judgement here looks like this’, so important?
  • Five key steps organisations can use to help elevate good decision making amongst leaders,

and a whole lot more…!

How to develop good judgement as an Executive and why this is so important

What I learned from talking with Meahan Callaghan

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