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Dan Hunter is a very seasoned leader with experience in hospitality, water infrastructure, M&A asset sales, social healthcare and industry sector leadership. His first CEO role was leading Healthshare, a $7bn, 7000 people organisation that services the broader health sector in NSW, Australia through managing the catering of 60,000 meals per day into hospitals, managing the linen services, the ambulance service and the payroll for over 160,000 employees.
We discuss;
  • How to overcome being passed over for a role,
  • Taking the leap between sectors and how to take advantage of unexpected opportunities,
  • Learning to listen intently,
  • What is it like working for a Government Minister compared to the private sector,
  • How to create a space for inclusion and psychologically safe environments,
  • Why leadership is not a democracy and selling ice cream is not for leaders,
  • What has Jeeves the butler got to do with anything!
  • Understanding how to work with different stakeholders,

and a whole lot more,

Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.
We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.