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In the media

Pod featured on the NAB Business Fit podcast, hosted by Andrew May
Hosted by Andrew May, Business Fit is an engaging podcast for small business owners and employees showcasing interviews with world-class experts in business, finance, wellbeing, sport and leadership. The Business
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The Leadership Diet featured as one of the best podcasts for Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders and Start-Ups
The Leadership Diet was featured in OfficeHUB’s list of Top Business Podcasts. Read the article here.
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Pod interviewed in “The Search for the Soulful Leader”
Pod was recently interviewed by  Phil King and Cass Rix from The Search for the Soulful Leader – a podcast creating a safe space for curious leaders to evaluate their
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Pod featured in “Balance the Grind”
Pod was recently featured in Balance The Grind – a work-life balance publication built on conversations, ideas and community. He was interviewed about how he balances his work with The
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Padraig O’Sullivan featured in Frazer Holmes Coaching podcast
There is a 25-50% failure of assignment rate in expats sent to another country to head up the work there. The failure rates among others going through leadership transition such
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Padraig O’Sullivan interviewed on ABC Radio
Ian Henschke from ABC Radio (Adelaide) interviewed Padraig O’Sullivan about the difficulties foreign leaders face when they come to Australia. Listen to the interview below:
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