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New CEO: The First 100 Days

Taking on the mantle of the CEO role is exciting, challenging and hyper important if it goes wrong! How the new CEO performs in the critical first days and weeks
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What has orange juice got to do with developing gravitas?

“You can tell she has the it factor…” “The ‘it’ factor?” I replied to the CEO who was talking about one of his Commercial leaders. “Yeah, the ‘it’ factor…. presence,
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Four characteristics for new CEOs to master early

The announcement of a new CEO is an exciting time. Exciting for them personally as this is usually a culmination of many years effort, exciting for their family who have
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Imagine telling the organisation to stop working, for a month!

How many times have you heard leaders say they are over worked, their teams are too busy, everyone has an excessive amount of work to be completed? And when you
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Fostering an End of the Week Reflection as a Leadership Discipline

There are many aspects to developing effectiveness as a leader. Understanding the context you are in while adapting to the evolving needs of your stakeholder groups, offering clarity or direction
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The Tyranny of Perfection … Mind the Gap!

If there is one topic that rears its head often in conversations about leading in context it is the quest for perfection. Not just the leaders self-critic in full swing,
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