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Don’t assume your new CEO will be successful. Insure it.

What I learned from talking with Dr. Ty Wiggins “My reputation grows with every failure”, said George Bernard Shaw.  That’s great George, but what kind of reputation was it? One
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Changing the plot. Ensuring your intentions have substance.

What I learned from talking with Padraig O’Tuama on our podcast. Shaking Hands by Pádraig Ó Tuama27th May 2012 Because what’s the alternative?Because of courage.Because of loved ones lost.Because no
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Reputation matters!

What I learned from podcast episodes with Brian Hartzer and Warwick Fairfax “It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. ” Warren Buffet Waking
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Fear is the Enemy of Flourishing: Why Psychological Safety is needed now more than ever.

What I learned from my podcast with Amy Edmondson and Kieran White “I understand that I need to find my voice and speak up more in leadership team meetings but
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New CEO: The First 100 Days

Taking on the mantle of the CEO role is exciting, challenging and hyper important if it goes wrong! How the new CEO performs in the critical first days and weeks
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What has orange juice got to do with developing gravitas?

“You can tell she has the it factor…” “The ‘it’ factor?” I replied to the CEO who was talking about one of his Commercial leaders. “Yeah, the ‘it’ factor…. presence,
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