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The Tyranny of Perfection … Mind the Gap!

If there is one topic that rears its head often in conversations about leading in context it is the quest for perfection. Not just the leaders self-critic in full swing,
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The surprise that awaits most new ‘C’ level leaders

She was a year into her first global CEO position with we caught up for lunch. I had known Jennifer when she led a regional based leadership team in Asia
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What gets in our way when we are trying to change our leadership behaviours?

The annual cycle of performance feedback or leadership assessment tools means most senior leaders have received many hours of feedback by the time they get to senior roles. Books such
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Five ways for leaders to build their own confidence

Every coaching assignment, whether it be with an executive or a team, will at some point circle around to the topic of confidence. True confidence, not the overplayed type that
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When Leaders Inspire Confidence Through Feedback, Everyone Wins

Today I saw a leader of an organisation do something that I have never seen done before and it had an amazing impact on everybody in the room. The Managing
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Questions of Character, Credibility and Confidence

Story telling in organisations, families and indeed all kinds of tribes is powerful and revealing. The stories give insight into what is valued, rewarded and subsequently insights into culture. Whether
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