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Five Ways How Leaders can become effective, faster

Every organisation in the world will have a leader transitioning into a new role at some stage. Yet many organisations are unsure how to accelerate those transitions. Studies show that
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Getting Unstuck

“So what’s keeping you awake at night?” I asked a client in a coaching session last week. Being very honest he said, “I feel stuck”. Many clients have a similar
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What has spirituality got to do with leadership development?

At a recent online Leadership Summit, I attended recently, the word(s) spiritual or spiritual journey was used more than once. For a first-time attendee this might seem strange. They could
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Enjoy the silence – That’s all you will have when we are gone

For those of us in Australia, 1 September marks the beginning of Spring. This season brings the promise of longer, warmer days and the re-emergence of things dormant and new
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20 reasons that suggest you need to lead differently

In working with executives over the last 20 years there is a common starting point our discussions inevitably touch on at some point. That is reflecting on and gaining clarity
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10 transitions every leader needs to master

Dean, a leader with many years of international based leadership experience, confessed even he was tired of managing another phase of change in his organisation.  He told colleagues that he
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