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Dr Ruth Wageman is a global expert in researching and supporting teams in stacking the deck to optimize their ability to be effective.
We talk about;
  • The Essentials and Enablers of team effectiveness,
  • Structuring different types of leadership teams,
  • Why a CEO can have multiples teams within their team,
  • The 60:30:10 rule,
  • Why the leader has to model the norms in order for the team to follow suit,
  • How to pause the team for a 5-minute reflection,
  • The difference between networked teams and a team of teams,
and a whole lot more!

Size matters!

Design is the key to leadership team effectiveness, speed and agility. What I learned from talking with Ruth Wageman.

Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.
We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.