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Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.

We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.

Our guests have founded organisations, led in different geographies around the world, counselled leaders in global positions or are researchers into related topics. No matter what, everyone on this podcast is fascinated with effective leadership.

Latest Episodes

Why we need more women in the C suite with Susan Metcalf from CEW

Susan Metcalf is the CEO of CEW, Chief Executive Women, a member organisation representing more than 800 of Australia’s most senior women leaders. CEW works to remove barriers to women’s
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Leading large government departments and why this is so different to what we might expect; with Dan Hunter

Dan Hunter is a very seasoned leader with experience in hospitality, water infrastructure, M&A asset sales, social healthcare and industry sector leadership. His first CEO role was leading Healthshare, a
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How to develop great judgement as a leader with Meahan Callaghan

Leaders, particular executive-level leaders, rise and fall on their ability to have good judgement, whatever that is! Yet, most leaders never learn how to develop this situational level skill. I
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