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Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.

We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.

Our guests have founded organisations, led in different geographies around the world, counselled leaders in global positions or are researchers into related topics. No matter what, everyone on this podcast is fascinated with effective leadership.

Latest Episodes

Ep 8. Insights from a Master Coach on leadership teams, mediation and shamanism with Chip MCFarlane

Chip McFarlane has worked as an Executive Coach in over 27 countries spanning three decades. To say he brings vast experience to the conversation is an understatement! We discuss;  Early mistakes
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Ep 7. How unlocking moves can unleash surprisingly impactful leadership

Paul Byrne lives in Amsterdam and is considered to be a world class Executive coach and consultant who has partnered with some of the world’s most successful leaders to assist
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Ep 6. Trust, Teams and Competing Commitments

Dr. Pauline Lee is a specialist in teaming. Her PhD looked at trust within leadership teams and how to accelerate the development of same. She shares;  What is trust. How is
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Ep 5. Moving from being frustrated to feeling freedom as a CEO and the impact that can have

Becoming a CEO of a country, a geographical region or a whole business is often an aspiration and yet a very difficult transition and role to hold. What happens when
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Ep 4. How does systemic thinking impact leadership ability and what the hell is it anyway!

When the world continues to get complex, how do leaders stay on top of their ability to think and be strategic? Dr Paul Lawrence is a prolific author, teacher, change expert,
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Ep 3. When mindfulness becomes a strategic skill with Gillian Coutts

Gillian Coutts is a Partner with The Potential Project. In this wide open and often intimate conversation, Gillian shares insights on how the practise of mindfulness helps senior leaders lift
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