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Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.

We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.

Our guests have founded organisations, led in different geographies around the world, counselled leaders in global positions or are researchers into related topics. No matter what, everyone on this podcast is fascinated with effective leadership.

Latest Episodes

The benefits of leaving your CEO role and taking a sabbatical

Eduardo Thuler took the courageous decision to leave a CEO role and take his family on almost a year-long sabbatical. How wonderful and scary at the same time! In this
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Wrapping up Season 1 with some amazing highlights and summaries

Season 1 of the ‘The Leadership Diet’ has already arrived and come to an end. And what a season it was!In this end of season wrap up we revisit some of
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Ep 15. What happens when leaders learn to coach with Dr. Julia Milner

Julia Milner is an internationally experienced Leadership Professor, currently living in France and has taught in Germany, China, Australia and many other parts of the globe. She has been labelled in
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Ep 14. How living systems can help leaders navigate uncertain times with Dr. Josie McLean

Josie Mclean specialises in helping leaders and organisations learn how to navigate complexity by taking lessons from the world around us, ie. living systems. Her recent book, Big Little Shifts,
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Ep 13. How can your Executive Assistant dramatically increase your leadership effectiveness with Liz Van Vliet

Any successful leader will tell you their support team are the back bone of their success. In particular their Executive Assistant – known fondly as their EA. Yet, many leaders
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Ep 12. Managing executive burnout in the leadership team – with Jessica Layden

Jessica Layden has worked in Executive roles for top tier companies including WL Gore and Accenture. She holds a Masters degree in Psychology and is an adjunct faculty at AGSM
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