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Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.

We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.

Our guests have founded organisations, led in different geographies around the world, counselled leaders in global positions or are researchers into related topics. No matter what, everyone on this podcast is fascinated with effective leadership.

Latest Episodes

The best of Season 2 Summary Session

The best of Season 2!We had some marvellous guests on our show over season 2. They shared great insights, learnings, mistakes, tactics, ideals and a whole lot more. In this
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Ep 29. Peter Webb on wisdom and decision making during times of disruption

Peter Webb is an organisational psychologist who has a passion for all things related to wisdom and decision making. In this conversation he shares;  His early experience at age 14
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Ep 28. Craig Le Masters on overcoming the ‘thumb-sucking-in-a-foetal-position’ that leaders often find themselves in!

Craig Le Masters, former CEO of Assurant insurance in USA, current CEO of GXG and author of Unstuck talks about:  The moment he woke up to see on the TV
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