How to optimize leadership teams for success in a post pandemic world with Dr. Ruth Wageman

Dr Ruth Wageman is a global expert in researching and supporting teams in stacking the deck to optimize their ability to be effective.
We talk about;
  • The Essentials and Enablers of team effectiveness,
  • Structuring different types of leadership teams,
  • Why a CEO can have multiples teams within their team,
  • The 60:30:10 rule,
  • Why the leader has to model the norms in order for the team to follow suit,
  • How to pause the team for a 5-minute reflection,
  • The difference between networked teams and a team of teams,
and a whole lot more!

Size matters!

Design is the key to leadership team effectiveness, speed and agility. What I learned from talking with Ruth Wageman.

Ambition! Friend or Foe with Nicolai Tillisch

Every successful executive and leader has ambition. They would not take on those roles if they were lacking in ambition. However, many leaders suffer in different ways because of that same ambition.

I am joined by Nicolai Tillisch, co-author of Return on Ambition: A Radical Approach to Your Achievement, Growth, and Well-Being.

We discuss,

  • What is ambition and why is it an imperative to achieve outcomes,
  • How do we measure the return of ambition,
  • Why so many executives struggle with their own aspiration,
  • The notion behind frenemies,
  • What is the trinity that can elevate ambition to be a true friend,

and a whole lot more!

Ambition – Your Friend or Foe?

What I learned from speaking with Nicolai Tillisch on The Leadership Diet

Don’t assume your new CEO will be successful. Insure it with Dr. Ty Wiggins

Leaders who move companies to take on more senior roles face many hurdles that can prevent their success. These transitions have high failure rates, ranging from 25-50%. Dr Ty Wiggins of Russell Reynolds specialises in assisting organisations put into place transition support mechanisms that ensure their new recruits, particularly at the C suite level, transition successfully.

We discuss;

  • Why leaders fail when transitioning to new levels of leadership,
  • What organisations miss out on when onboarding new leaders,
  • Why women use transition plans better than men,
  • Mistaking your bias from previous functional expertise as an enabler of success,
  • Why your previous employer’s tolerations of leaders gaps can derail future success,

and much more.

Don’t assume your new CEO will be successful. Insure it.

What I learned from talking with Dr. Ty Wiggins

How to ensure your intentions have substance with Pádraig O’Tuama

Pádraig O’Tuama is a renowned leader, poet, philosopher, theologian, TEDx speaker and author of several books. In this very warm-hearted and insightful conversation, we discuss;

  • The space between intention and impact as a leader,
  • Ensuring your gestures have substances,
  • The poem, Shaking hands, which he wrote as a reflection on the event of Queen Elizabeth II and Martin McGuinness, Leader of Sinn Féin in Northern Ireland and former IRA Commander publicly shaking hands in 2012,
  • The nature of conflict in organisations,
  • What he means by ‘the quality of fighting’,
  • and addressing the difficult question of, ‘what is my real position here?’

Changing the plot. Ensuring your intentions have substance.

What I learned from talking with Padraig O’Tuama on our podcast.

Enjoying the ups and overcoming the downs of being a CEO of a very public organisation

Brian Hartzer has worked internationally with some of the most successful banks and financial institutions in the USA, UK, and Australia. In his previous role, he was CEO of Westpac bank. In this very open and transparent conversation, Brian shares:

  • What is it like to finally take the role of CEO in week 1,
  • How does a leader scale themselves across multiple geographies and hundreds of offices,
  • How do you communicate to 30,000+ employees?
  • What happens when a government regulator comes knocking on the door?
  • Preparing for a Royal Commission- how do you do that?
  • The notion of reputational trauma and how to overcome a tough situation as a leader,
  • His next steps.

Reputation matters!

What I learned from podcast episodes with Brian Hartzer and Warwick Fairfax

What’s the deal with psychological safety?

Psychological safety has been described as the most important factor in enabling high performing teams. I am joined by Dr. Amy Edmondson from Harvard and Kieran White to discuss:

  • What is psychological safety and why is it important,
  • The overlaps with trust and other dimensions,
  • How does it facilitate teaming,
  • What is structural dynamics and how can we apply that idea to our own team,

And a whole lot more!

Fear is the Enemy of Flourishing: Why Psychological Safety is needed now more than ever.

What I learned from my podcast with Amy Edmondson and Kieran White 

Season 3 Opener!

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And what a season we have in store.

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