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The best of Season 2!
We had some marvellous guests on our show over season 2.
They shared great insights, learnings, mistakes, tactics, ideals and a whole lot more.

In this episode, hear about:

  • The importance of listening as an expatriate leader,
  • The uniqueness that is New Zealand style of leadership,
  • How evening reflections on the car on the way home from work, helped one CEO transform his impact in meetings,
  • What one CEO who is renowned for her continual innovation does to bring ideas from one industry to another,
  • How one leader survived a very public and traumatic humiliation when his multi-billion dollar business collapsed,
  • How another CEO described his ‘thumb sucking in a foetal position’ moment!
  • Why one leader took a 9-month sabbatical stepping away from his CEO position,

And a whole lot more….!

Our weekly podcast is a series of interviews with leaders and experts.
We uncover all things that lead to great leadership.