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Warwick Fairfax, from the famous media conglomerate Fairfax family who, in his mid-twenties, took over the leadership of the publicly traded organisation and privatised it, back into family control. Unfortunately, the 1987 global crash soon followed, and three years later the organisation almost collapsed.
In this refreshingly open conversation Warwick shares:
  • What it was like to grow up in such a famous family and the comparisons between the Royal family and the Fairfax family,
  • How his sense of duty to his family and his ancestors drove many of his decisions,
  • The impact of his decision to privatise the organisation on him, his family and the ensuing ripple effect,
  • How Warwick distinguishes between epic failures and the person who fails,
  • What he believes a crucible moment is and why these can define a person,
  • The impact his faith has on him,
  • How he now looks back on those experiences.

Show notes

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