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Susan Metcalf is the CEO of CEW, Chief Executive Women, a member organisation representing more than 800 of Australia’s most senior women leaders. CEW works to remove barriers to women’s progression and create equal opportunity for everyone.

In this episode we discuss:

  • The latest census report from CEW and the ‘dismal’ results it shows in terms of the percentage representing of women at CEO and CFO levels in the ASX 300,
  • Why Australian women are the highest educated in the world yet suffer from an equality perspective due to the cultural issue of mateship,
  • How come 54% of the finance sector are women yet 90% of the sector CEO’s are men,
  • How to stoke innovation through gender balance,
  • The talent supply chain and springboard roles,
  • The notion of targets and quotas,

and a whole lot more.

Show notes



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Inspired by a conversation with Susan Metcalf, CEO of Chief Executive Women

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